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  1. The formation of Triple Entente (Russia, France and Britain) in 1907 and Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy) in 1882 laid the foundation of global war (World War 1) that started in 1914. These treaties formed the two powers during WW1, the Allies and the Central Powers respectively.
  2. Italy had alliance with Germany and Austria-Hungary. But the country entered the World War 1 in support of Allied powers in 1915.
  3. The immediate cause of start of World War 1 was the assassination of heir of Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Ferdinand, by a member of a Yugoslav terrorist organization Young Bosnia. 
    Franz Ferdinand of Austro-Hungary
    WW1 started after assassination of Franz Ferdinand  
  4. At the start of WW1, it was expected to be a short lived battle. But it continued for 4 years and resulted in deaths of millions.
  5. World War 1 was a global warfare that was fought on 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Africa) while forces from Australian and North American continents also took part in WW1.
  6. Tanks were invented during World War 1 by Britain. The first model was named Little Willie
    Early design of Little Willie
  7. Russia contributed 12,000,000 men for World War 1 and provided the largest military for Allied Powers.
  8. Around 3 million (military and civilian) Russians lost their lives during WW1 which is the highest by any combating nation.
  9. These deaths and financial crisis during WW1 was the direct cause of Russian Revolution in 1917 after which Russia ended its participation in the World War 1.
  10. World War 1 resulted in downfall of Russian Empire, German Empire, Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  11. On the first day of Battle of Somme, 1st July 1916, Britain lost 19,200 men which is highest number of deaths of Britain in any conflict in a single day.
  12. Ottoman Empire is blamed for genocide of Armenian people during World War 1. Around 1.5 million Armenians were killed during WW1. 
    Corpses of Armenians during World War 1
    Over 1 million Armenians died during WW1
  13. Serbia lost more than half (around 57%) of its male population during World War 1.
  14. During Gallipoli Campaign (April 1915-January 1916), more than 11,000 soldiers from Australia and New Zealand lost their lives. The day of landing on Gallipoli (April 25) is remembered as Anzac Day in both Australia and New Zealand.
  15. Around 39 million soldiers from both sides were dead, wounded or missing during World War 1.
  16. World War 1 effectively ended in November 1918 and treaties were signed with all the losing Central Powers in 1920 and 1921. But the nationalist leaders of Turkey rejected the conditions of Treaty of Sevres and started Turkish War of Independence. The war remained successful and Turkey regained all the lost territories of Anatolia and later signed quite respectable Treaty of Lausanne that resulted in the formation of Republic of Turkey.
  17. Due to harsh conditions against Germany after the end of World War 1, the war is known as one of the causes of World War 2 as Hitler and his party used these conditions for propaganda to gain support of German public.
  18. After the end of World War 1, League of Nations was formed in June 1919 in order to prevent any such large scale warfare again. 
    Opening of League of Nations
    League of Nations failed to prevent WW2
  19. Modern flamethrowers were initially used by Germany during World War 1.
  20. The term dogfight (close range aerial battle) was first used during World War 1. 

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  1. wonderful and nice information about world war. thse facts states that how some cruel minds shattered the destiny of mankind.